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Unlock the Value of Your Educational Data

Playpower can help you solve critical problems, improve product engagement and build next-generation products based on data science.

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AI & Analytics Strategy

We help organizations develop and accelerate their AI & Analytics strategies. It is important for companies to measure how well their technology platform is equipped to support their strategic goals. Clean data and efficient data pipelines are essential to building great data products. We help companies develop data infrastructures that can support both near-term and long-term visions of harnessing the power of data and artificial intelligence.

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Human-Centered Learning Analytics

We deeply care about creating analytics that is aligned with the needs of all education stakeholders. Our teams work with educators and learners to understand how data can help them make learning more engaging and effective. Educational data can be used to make smart decisions, but they need a certain level of readability and ease of use to impact many stakeholders. We help organizations design data visualizations that can move customers and help them make data-informed decisions.

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Machine Learning-based Products

Machine Learning (ML) can enable many novel applications in education technology platforms. AI techniques for computer vision, speech recognition, and natural language processing can help in developing innovative learning tools for learners of all ages. To create reliable machine learning-based products, companies typically need some ML infrastructure.  Our teams help companies design machine learning-based products and systems that take AI uncertainty into account and solve real-world problems.

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Business & Operational Intelligence

Connecting data from various business functions can lead to a better understanding of how key cross-organization objectives can be achieved. In the world of digital learning, it has become very important for companies to maintain clean and connected data systems. Data from many sources can help us predict key business outcomes and performance indicators. We help companies create integrated data systems that increase the impact of data across the organization.

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Let’s talk about how Playpower can help you create fun and effective learning experiences.

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