Unlock the Value of Your Educational Data

Playpower can help you solve critical problems, improve product engagement and build next-generation products based on data science.

Better support your strategic visions by collecting the right data. Harmonize your data

lakes and empower your infrastructure.

Infuse learning science principles in your products. Understand and optimize learner outcomes by transforming your data into knowledge

Create enhanced learning experiences by using the latest advances in technology. Bring computer vision and NLP capabilities into your platform.

Get an in-depth understanding of your customers and product usage lifecycle. Optimize the costs of your technical infrastructure using data.

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Data Strategy and

A great data strategy can only go as far as the actual data in the database. If you have strategic visions around data, you have to ensure that your products are collecting the data to support

your goals. Oftentimes, products are not collecting the data that is needed to achieve product goals. In such situations, a data audit can give a more objective sense of how achievable the product goals are.


As the sea of data is rising every day, it is becoming increasingly important to keep large data systems integrated. When we cannot combine data from different systems, the overall value of the data decreases. You can use data integration techniques to keep your data systems aligned.

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Learning Science and

Digital learning products that are aligned with learning science principles can be more effective for learners. Educational data also enables us to do behavior and knowledge modeling that can show us how learning happens online. A better insight into student learning can also inform curriculum design.

Data from online learning platforms have a great potential to ensure that the digital learning processes are effective. Actionable data can help decision-makers ensure that students and teachers are continuing with online learning as expected, and are making the most out of it.

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AI and Machine

Artificial Intelligence has created opportunities for novel technologies in education. Using the latest advances in AI, we can build

state-of-the-art systems that can give students instant feedback, predict whether they need help, and give them recommendations and adaptive content that is right for them.


Statistical and computational learning algorithms can help us improve search experiences, understand the impact of various factors on student learning, and predict key metrics for online platforms. A better data collection strategy can easily lead to more possibilities for AI and ML.

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Business and Operational Intelligence

Connecting data from various business functions can lead to a better understanding of how key outcomes across the organization can be achieved. You need to understand how different segments of your customer base are using your product to better optimize your business strategy.


Predictive analytics techniques can directly help in ensuring that your technical infrastructure is equipped with the predicted usage demands. Techniques such as anomaly detection can also be used to discover potential infrastructure issues before they affect

your business.


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