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We Provide Leading-Edge R&D Consultancy Engineering Service

We provide integrated software development services to solve challenging problems in edtech platforms. Our team can help you realize your next great idea.

Agile Development

Deliver engaging learning products on time with the help of our learning engineering team. We will bring efficiency and quality together to create effective solutions.

Manage data from your products and platforms in a seamless way across your technical infrastructure. Increase data accessibility and actionability within your organization.

Product - Data Systems

HTML5 Games

Bring the power of gamified learning design into the browser. Engage your students in a virtual world of fun and learning, and give them a learning experience that they will enjoy.

Web Apps

Create high-performance web applications that empower your platform. We have experience in creating a broad range of edtech software, including entire learning management systems.

Let’s talk about how Playpower can help you create fun and effective learning experiences.

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