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Educational Data Science


seqClustR: An R Package for Sequence Clustering

In this paper, we're going to describe the core features of the R package seqClustR [14] dedicated to sequence clustering.


Explainable Knowledge Tracing Models for Big Data: Is Ensembling an Answer?

In this paper, we describe our Knowledge Tracing model for the 2020 NeurIPS Education Challenge.


Modeling NAEP Test-Taking Behavior Using Educational Process Analysis

Process Analysis is an emerging approach to discover meaningful knowledge from temporal educational data.


Visualizing Cronbach's Alpha for a Large Number of Assessments

In this paper, we present a novel data visualization that shows the distribution of Cronbach's Alpha for a large number of assessments and their items.


Proceedings of the First Workshop on Educational Data Visualization (EdViz-2019)

The primary goal of this workshop is to produce open source data visualizations that help communicate results


Curriculum Pacing: A New Approach to Discover Instructional Practices in Classrooms

This paper examines the use of “pacing plots” to represent variations in student learning sequences within a digital curriculum. 


Using Curriculum Pacing in LearnSphere to Visualize Student Learning Trajectories

We propose to build a Curriculum Pacing workflow component in the LearnSphere environment.


Mining Frequent Learning Pathways from a Large Educational Dataset

In this paper, we describe data mining techniques used to extract frequent learning pathways from a large educational dataset.

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