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Design & Human-Computer Interaction


Designing Smart Systems: Reframing Artificial Intelligence for Human-centered Designers

Human-centred design (HCD) is a powerful methodology that might play an important role in the development


Designing an Escape Room in the City for Public Engagement with AI-enhanced Surveillance

Escape the Smart City is a critical pervasive game that uses an escape room format to help players develop an understanding


Towards a Domain-Specific Design Platform for Wheelchair User Well-being

Improving people's well-being through relevant products and services is a designer task.


India’s Design Guru: MP Ranjan A Final Interview

MP Ranjan was an influential senior faculty at India’s National Institute of Design and was on the editorial board of this journal.


How Might We Design Systems to Build Human Intelligence?

This case study presents the design of “an intelligence-building app for kids” as a worked example, with the goal of sharing our accumulated design knowledge.


Accelerating Theory Development with Large Online Experiments: Towards an Interaction Design Science

Online controlled experiments can serve as a powerful tool to facilitate theory building.


The power of play: Design lessons for increasing the lifespan of outdated computers

One consequence of rapid advances in computer technology is the obsolescence of hundreds of millions of computers each year. 

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