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Cognitive Science


The Resonance Pod: Applying Haptics in a Multi-Sensory Experience to Promote Relaxation Through Breathing Entrainment


GuessTheMusic: Song Identification from Electroencephalography response


Classifying Songs with EEG

This research study aims to use machine learning methods to characterize the EEG response to music.


Feel The Vibe: Aesthetics of Whole-body Vibrations

We propose that the classical aesthetic theories of consonance and dissonance apply to vibrotactile feedback and the somatosensory system. 


B-38 Gamified Mobile Cognitive Tests: Preliminary Feasibility and Acceptability in Persons with Bipolar Disorder

Objective Current measurements of cognitive functioning are time-consuming and costly,


NeuroUX: Mobile Cognitive Assessment Games to Measure 'Cognition in the Wild'

Neuropsychological assessments are used to measure and characterize cognitive function.


Cognitive artifacts: An art-science engagement

'Cognitive Artifacts' is a theoretical framework that may allow a common evaluation of the impact of the products of science and art. 

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