Learning Science


UpGrade: An Open Source Tool to Support A/B Testing in Educational Software

This paper describes a new, open source tool for A/B testing in educational software called UpGrade.


Should We Add a Progress Meter? How A/B Testing Can Support Rapid Cycles of Data-Informed Design

Showing progress towards a goal is a well-established motivational design tactic. 


Is Difficulty Overrated? The Effects of Choice, Novelty and Suspense on Intrinsic Motivation in Educational Games

Many game designers aim to optimize difficulty to make games that are "not too hard, not too easy.


Optimizing an Educational Game Using UpGrade: Challenges and Opportunities

UpGrade is an open-source tool for A/B testing in educational software. 


Interface Design Optimization as a Multi-Armed Bandit Problem

"Multi-armed bandits" offer a new paradigm for the AI-assisted design of user interfaces.